What is Restorative & Relational Practice

Restorative and relational based practice describe a way of being, an underpinning ethos, which enables us to build and maintain healthy relationships, resolve difficulties and repair harm when relationships breakdown.

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L30 provides an explicit framework which embodies the principles, values and practices of the philosophy of restorative and relational practice. It is founded on the principles of working ‘with’ people, rather than doing ‘to’ or ‘for’ others. When we work with and alongside people, rather than make decisions about them in isolation, outcomes and impact are so much greater.

It proactively builds connection, belonging and a sense of community.

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At L30 we create a common language, a common approach for fostering a sense of social responsibility and shared accountability.

L30 offers training, consultancy and support that is highly participative, fun, lively and inclusive. We will provide all participants with an understanding of restorative practice including proactive and responsive skills, with a practical framework that can be embedded immediately, including a range of formal and informal strategies.

This approach has demonstrable impact on outcomes for children, young people, families and adults in need of support. We recognise the diversity of local communities and partnerships and will work with you to ensure everyone is included and their specific perspectives considered with care. The benefits for staff teams and organisational culture are also well evidenced. This is a systems change approach.

We have worked with a number of authorities who have improved under the Ofsted framework. The restorative/relational approach lends itself to working with strategic partnerships to problem solve and improve outcomes for local people.

L30 tailors training, consultancy and support to meet your specific needs and priorities, building on your local strengths. We work with you.

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    L30 provides a strong restorative/relational framework that promotes a whole-school ethos that is founded on the importance of relationships. This includes a range of skills and approaches in managing conflict and tensions, in a way that repairs harm and repairs relationships.

    This supports schools to find inclusive and effective approaches to transform and manage a range of behaviours. This positively impacts on attendance, attainment, reducing exclusions and transforming a school culture. This includes working with families to find shared solution around their child’s education, behaviour and well-being; ensuring that they are safeguarded and protected.

    We recognise that whilst all children go to school to learn, some children go to school to be loved. L30 believes that continuously investing in social capital, ensures that all members of the school community feel valued. It explicitly uses a ‘high challenge’ and ‘high support’ approach, which builds on strong relationship-based practice between children, staff and families, within local communities. This provides a way of working which ensures responsibility and accountability, whilst building strong connections and developing a sense of community.

    L30 believes that ‘I’m sorry’ is just a statement; ‘I won’t do it again’ is just a promise; ‘how do I make it up to you?’ is taking responsibility.

    L30’s approach works directly with senior leaders and staff teams to reflect on their approach to working ‘with’ each other, as a whole school system, to maximise opportunities to affect sustainable change. This builds a strong relational staff culture, which is reflective and resilient.

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