About the book

Independent Thinking On Restorative Practice:
Building relationships, improving behaviour and creating stronger communities

This is first and foremost a book about relationships.

I'm proud to share with you that 'Independent thinking on Restorative Practice' is now an Amazon number 1 best seller.

This is a book about compassion.
This is a book about behaviour.
This is a book about behaviours.
This is a book about change.
This is a book about children and young people.
This is a book about leadership, whatever your role.
This is a book about communities.
This is a book about collaboration.
This is a book about restorative practice.

 Put all these things together and you have a vision of restorative practice. Do them all and you have restorative practice in action.

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A practical and inspiring introduction to the use of restorative and relational based practice aimed at anyone working with children, young people, families and across communities.

Drawing on his many years’ experience of working with schools, social services and local government across the country, Mark shares all you need to know about what restorative practice is, how it works, where to start and the many benefits of embedding it in any school or organisation that genuinely has people at its heart.

From using circles to build connections, belong and community. To the power of doing things ‘with’ (and not ‘to’ or ‘for’) children and young people and adults, to moving your values off lanyards and posters and into the lived experience of every member of your school or organisation , readers will discover how restorative and relational practice – when done well – can be transformative.

About the author

Mark is the author of Independent Thinking On Restorative Practice:

Building relationships, improving behaviour and creating stronger communities, which is out on April 30th 2021 with Crown House and Independent Thinking Press.

He is the Director at L30 Relational Systems and an Associate at Independent thinking.

He is a leading expert in restorative and relational practice and in 2019 he received the Chris Donovan Trust’s Restorative Practice Champion award in recognition of his work nationally.

Mark has been working WITH Leaders and their teams to create shifts in thinking, practice and more importantly culture alongside systemic shifts in the schools and organisations as a whole.

He has delivered training, seminars and keynotes nationally and internationally. Including across the UK, Hungry, Finland, Holland, Spain, USA and Canada.

With many years’ experience of working with schools, local government agencies and social services, he is in demand as a speaker and trainer – helping organisations adopt restorative practices in a way that is practical and achievable and that never loses sight of the children and young people they are all aiming to serve.

If you’re looking for a challenging and entertaining speaker who can take everyone’s brain for a walk-in way that genuinely transforms all aspects of your organisation or school life, then click on the link to arrange a virtual coffee and chat.

You can connect with Mark on twitter @markfinnis

What people are saying about the book

This new independent thinking publication on Restorative Practice has absolute resonance in the delivery of any people services anywhere in the world.

Jacky Tiotto, Chief Executive, Cafcass (Children and Families Court Advisory and Support Service)

Mark is a master of his craft – and with this book you will be a master of yours.He is quite simply the don of restorative practice.

Paul Dix, behaviour specialist, WhenTheAdultsChange.com

For any teacher or school leader, this is the handbook you are looking for on restorative practice.

Jennifer M. Knussen, Head Teacher, Pitteuchar East Primary School

In short, anyone interested in the power of human relationships to enable change to happen will find material in this book to help them.

Andy Couldrick, Chief Executive, Birmingham Children’s Trust

If you truly want to embrace relationships as the heartbeat of your school culture, then this book will show you how. This really is a book to change hearts and minds.

Dave Whitaker, Director of Learning, Wellspring Academy Trust

If you are new to restorative practice, this book is a welcome and timely introduction to restorative from one of the UK’s leading trainers.

Nigel Richardson, CBE, former director of Children’s Services

His writing is quite simply a groundbreaking dive into the importance of relationships, humanity and compassion.

Chris Dyson, Head Teacher, Parklands Primary School

Mark’s writing serves up a ‘chicken soup’ for the soul. We will definitely be buying a copy for all of our MAT’s leaders.

Kate Davies, CEO, White Woods Primary Academy Trust

In Independent Thinking on Restorative Practice he takes you through working restoratively in a way that leaves you wondering why you didn’t do it sooner and why you didn’t read the book quicker!

Lucie Lakin, Principal, Carr Manor Community School, Executive Head Teacher, Wetherby High School
L30 Relational Systems
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